10 Ways Google Is Making Classroom and Forms Easier for Teachers

10 Ways Google Is Making Classroom and Forms Easier for Teachers 1. Single view of student work: To help teachers track individual student progress, we’ve created a dedicated page for each student in Classroom that shows all of their work in a class. With this new view, teachers and students can see the status of every assignment. 2. Reorder classes: Teachers can now order their classes to organize them based on daily schedule, workload priorities or however will help them keep organized t...

Best Chromebook Features – Powerwash, Android Apps, And More

Best Chromebook Features – Powerwash, Android Apps, And More Powerwash--is a neat feature that every Chromebook has and is essentially Chrome OS’ take on a “factory reset,” which is what this feature is called on smartphones, for example. If you activate this option, it will essentially delete everything on the hard drive, remove your user accounts, etc. This is not something many of you will use often, but it’s a great feature for non-tech-savvy people who tend to mess something up. Andro...

Tips Toward a Safe and Positive Social Media Experience

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Tips Toward a Safe and Positive Social Media Experience Good Digital Parenting The Family Online Safety Institute recommends that parents engage in “7 Steps to Good Digital Parenting” to keep abreast of all that is digital in our children’s lives. 1. Talk with your children. Talk to your children about your concerns regarding social media. Start discussing technology, the potential dangers, and what it can be used for at an early age. Remember to be open and honest about the issue. ...

New Google Earth Has Exciting Features for Teachers

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New Google Earth Has Exciting Features for Teachers Google has recently released a brand new version of Google Earth for both Chrome and Android. This new version has come with a slew of nifty features teachers can use for educational purposes with students in class. Following is a quick overview of the most fascinating features: 1. Voyager: Voyager is a showcase of interactive guided tours to help teachers and students virtually explore beautiful places from all around the globe. 2. “F...

New 9.7-inch iPad 5 Features-Parts Compatibility

New 9.7-inch iPad 5 Features-Parts Compatibility Features a brighter 9.7-inch Retina® display and best-in-class performance at its most affordable price ever, starting at $329 (US). Designed for unmatched portability and ease of use, along with incredible performance and all-day battery life. Bright Retina display with over 3.1 million pixels for stunning pictures and videos, and is enclosed in a sturdy yet thin aluminum unibody enclosure weighing just one pound for great portability a...

Doodle 4 Google Canada Contest, Deadline 11:59 p.m. EST on May 2nd

Doodle 4 Google Canada contest We’ve all seen them, the famous Google Doodles that adorn the Google Search page and usually change up every day. With Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations ramping up, Google Canada has launched the Doodle 4 Google Canada contest for students in kindergarten through grade 12. The theme for the contest is “What I see for Canada’s future is…” The winner of the national Doodle 4 Google Canada contest will have their doodle featured for a day on the G...

How to keep Kids Safe on Chromebooks

How to keep Kids Safe on Chromebooks Chromebooks are in many ways ideal for classrooms, allowing teachers to leverage online resources to provide richer, more differentiated educational experiences to your students. In addition, Chromebooks have multiple, substantial layers of built-in security, providing peace of mind regarding certain types of cyber threats. A Worrying Security Gap Unfortunately, one fast-growing security gap that has largely been neglected is the one that opens up wh...

10 Ways to Spot a Fake News Article

1. Is the article missing citations, references, or links? Links and citations allow us to easily access, read, and explore more about the information found in the article. Authors include references and links to validate their story, so if an article is missing links and references, it is a huge red flag. 2. Is the author’s name missing? An article without an author’s name is another red flag. Most authors who put the time in to develop a well-researched news story like having their name a...

12 Tricks That Make You The Master Of Google Search

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12 Tricks That Make You The Master Of Google Search There’s a hidden side of Google that only a select few people take advantage of. When you discover the amazing things you can do with Google, you’ll become a search master. You’ll be light years ahead of the people who don’t know this stuff. 1. Use an asterisk “*” to find words or phrases you can’t remember 2. Search within websites using “site:” 3. Find similar websites by searching “related:yourwebsitehere.com” 4. Search for exact phra...

Free Educational Resources–Digital Public Library of America

Free Educational Resources Library of Congress Boosts Digital Public Library Database with Historic Maps A portal that serves as a search engine into the collections of libraries, museums and archives around the country has struck a deal with the Library of Congress to share several of its historic map collections. The Digital Public Library of America (DPLA), a non-profit organization funded by foundations and government agencies, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the nati...