Chrome Takes the Crown From Apple In the US

Chromebook sales have surpassed 51% in the K-12 market for the the third quarter reported USA Today, beating out Apple and establishing themselves as the new leader in the U.S educational market. There is “a fundamental shift in how American schools are buying tech in bulk and assessing students online, with an emphasis on low-cost, easy-to-manage machines.”

Chromebook may not be the leader for long, however, Microsoft is partnering with Lightspeed, a software firm, to better manage a range of devices at schools. Microsoft is looking to bring new devices to the market that are likely to compete with Google in the $300 USD price range.

As more and more schools look to implement digital learning strategies into their curriculums, the need for reliable and affordable digital devices will be ever-present. That being said, schools will continue to adjust and adopt new learning methods to enhance student learning, and must stay on their toes when it comes to making purchasing decisions. Even the most popular devices on the market might not be the right fit for every school, so it’s important schools do their research and make sure the devices they are purchasing will support their learning goals and teaching strategies.

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