Best Chromebook Features – Powerwash, Android Apps, And More


Best Chromebook Features – Powerwash, Android Apps, And More

Powerwash–is a neat feature that every Chromebook has and is essentially Chrome OS’ take on a “factory reset,” which is what this feature is called on smartphones, for example. If you activate this option, it will essentially delete everything on the hard drive, remove your user accounts, etc. This is not something many of you will use often, but it’s a great feature for non-tech-savvy people who tend to mess something up.

Android Apps–All Chromebooks that were released this year have one thing in common – they can run Android applications out of the box. This is a great feature to have, considering that there are not that many apps / programs available for Chrome OS, well, there are, but not the ones you’d expect.

Touchscreen–Some Chromebooks come with a touch-sensitive display, which essentially gives them that tablety feel, and considering that fewer and fewer people use tablets, this can be a really nice feature to have. Instead of using the provided touchpad to click on something, you can simply use your fingers to do the same thing.

Fast Storage–Now, pretty much every Chromebook out there ships with SSD (Solid State Drive) storage, which essentially means that flash storage in your Chromebook is faster than regular hard drives on a PC, a lot faster actually.

Weight–Chromebooks are usually quite light, lighter than most laptops out there, which makes them really portable. Chromebooks are imagined as cloud computers, they are great for web browsing, managing files, video calls, school assignments, and so on, and for that, and in order to be as portable as they are, weight is a crucial factor.

Battery Life–Chrome OS, which comes pre-installed on Chromebooks, is very light, which is good for battery life of the device, of course. There are laptops out there which offer better battery life than Chromebooks, of course, but in general, Chromebooks are far better in this regard.

Ports–Chromebooks usually come packed with ports, which is the case for a ton of laptops out there, but lately, companies have started skimping on ports in laptops, especially the ones that they’re trying to make as thin and light as possible.

Price–Price is definitely a factor worth considering here. Chromebooks are usually very affordable, well, at least the vast majority of them are. There are, of course, some exceptions to that rule.

Security–Google has envisioned Chrome OS as a web-based operating system, and the company actually thought about security quite a bit while building the OS. You are getting automatic updates for Chrome OS, and Google has added multiple layers of security to its operating system.

The information for this post is based on an article by Kristijan Lucic in Android Headlines, follow this link for more details.

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