6 Tips for Managing the 1:1 Classroom

Allow students to become the experts, to collaborate, and to create authentic learning opportunities with technology. 1. DEVELOP EFFECTIVE DEVICE PROCEDURES--The more you can plan your strategies and procedures before the start of the year, the better off you will be. 2. EMPOWER STUDENTS BY HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE--Whenever possible, allow students to make the device their own. 3. CREATE AN ONLINE HOME--Whether it’s a Google Site, Schoology, Google Classroom, or another platform, a...

New Google Classroom Features (Mobile App)

A year ago Google announced that Google Classroom was coming. After more than 20 updates based on teacher request, Google has increased the mobile functionality for teachers. Features include: 1. Grade assignments from your phone or tablet, add private feedback to give students guidance, encouragement, constructive criticism or personalized feedback, and return the assignment. 2. Create and edit assignments on the go, including the ability to make a copy for every student. 3. Take a p...

Chromebook Tutorials on YouTube

Chromebooks have grown to become the #1 device in educational 1:1 programs.  Repairs are an inevitable part of the Chromebook life cycle as students use the unit in their daily learning process.  AGIT has created a series of step-by-step tutorials for the most common repairs of the most popular models.  You can attempt to complete these repairs on your own using these videos or have one of our professionally trained technicians do the repair for you.