Canadian Teachers’ Unions Demands No Wi-Fi in Schools

Two teacher's unions in Ontario are urging schools to turn off  Wi-Fi due to the health concerns it might pose to students. “'WiFi emits microwave radiation and it’s linked to cancer by the World Health Organization,' said Andrea Loken, Kingston area President of the Ontario Secondary School Teachers Federation (OSSTF). In the United States at least, most schools are equipped with Wi-Fi and officials are not discussing the potential health risks. A recent study in Greece confirmed that Wi-Fi...

8th Annual Classroom of the Future Challenge Launches

The 8th annual contest challenges Canadian teachers to capture innovative teaching and learning practices and upload a two to four minute video, podcast, or digital portfolio showcasing  the role pedagogy and technology play in engaging and motivating their students in the 21st century classroom. Submissions will be accepted until midnight EST on Friday, March 11, 2016. For Entry Form & Contest Rules, visit   &...

CONNECT 2016 Canada’s Learning & Technology Conference April 26th-29th

Connect 2016
CONNECT is Canada's largest education technology conference attracting 1600 educators, leaders, CIO's, directors of education and IT experts to learn, debate and exchange ideas, network and be inspired through a smorgasbord of world class speakers, presenters, exhibits and seminars. It is the only event in Canada that brings together the complete life-cycle of learning, from kindergarten to Higher Education, libraries and workplace learning. Our mission is to connect all sectors in order to h...

Werklund School Awarded for Leadership in 21st Century Learning

Shifting Minds Award
The Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary was recognized for its achievements by C21 Canada, an organization whose focus is the future of education. . The C21 Canada Shifting Minds National Awards for Leadership in 21st Century Learning and Innovation are presented on an annual basis. The award honors new models of learning in Canadian education systems. The Werklund School has been at the forefront of the evolution in education and especially 21C learning. For more informati...

Google to Introduce Canadian Kids to Coding

Google announced a 1.5 million grant on Wednesday to help introduce 100,000 Canadian kids to coding and working with cutting-edge technologies. The program is called Codemakers that is part of Actua, an educational charity that has a three year plan to run summer camps and school workshops across the country. Actua is mandated to target under-served populations, including girls, aboriginal youth, children of immigrants and kids from homes facing socioeconomic challenges. In Canada, coding is...

Chromebooks Outnumber All Others in American Classrooms

Google has come to dominate the education technology market by offering an inexpensive device that doesn't require additional software. According to market research firm, IDC, Chromebooks make up more than 50% of the market share. The free apps like Google Drive and Docs, a learning management tool that let's teachers collect assignments and give feedback are a strong selling point for schools. Check out the full article here: