Doodle 4 Google Canada Contest, Deadline 11:59 p.m. EST on May 2nd

Doodle 4 Google Canada contest We’ve all seen them, the famous Google Doodles that adorn the Google Search page and usually change up every day. With Canada’s 150th birthday celebrations ramping up, Google Canada has launched the Doodle 4 Google Canada contest for students in kindergarten through grade 12. The theme for the contest is “What I see for Canada’s future is…” The winner of the national Doodle 4 Google Canada contest will have their doodle featured for a day on the G...

Google to Introduce Canadian Kids to Coding

Google announced a 1.5 million grant on Wednesday to help introduce 100,000 Canadian kids to coding and working with cutting-edge technologies. The program is called Codemakers that is part of Actua, an educational charity that has a three year plan to run summer camps and school workshops across the country. Actua is mandated to target under-served populations, including girls, aboriginal youth, children of immigrants and kids from homes facing socioeconomic challenges. In Canada, coding is...

Chromebooks Outnumber All Others in American Classrooms

Google has come to dominate the education technology market by offering an inexpensive device that doesn't require additional software. According to market research firm, IDC, Chromebooks make up more than 50% of the market share. The free apps like Google Drive and Docs, a learning management tool that let's teachers collect assignments and give feedback are a strong selling point for schools. Check out the full article here: