Chromebook Comparison and 2016 Buyer’s Guide

Chromebook Comparison and 2016 Buyer’s Guide Everything you need to know about choosing the best Chromebook! What is a Chromebook? A Chromebook is a notebook which comes with Google’s Chrome OS operating system instead of Windows or Mac OS X. Chromebooks all conform to a certain set of specifications set out by Google and are designed with portability, long battery life, and ease of use in mind. Chromebooks tend to be priced less than most Windows and Mac laptops because Chrome OS require...

Everything You Can Do Offline With A Chromebook

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Everything You Can Do Offline With A Chromebook Create and edit documents As you might expect, Google is at the forefront of adding offline features to Chrome OS. Google Drive had offline support for a while, and it’s great to use. You can create, view and edit files, with changes automatically synced back to the cloud as soon as connection is restored. Search through and write emails With Gmail Offline and its optimizer extension installed on your Chromebook, you can compose new emails an...

How To Print From A Chromebook

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How To Print From A Chromebook If you’re looking on how to install and use a printer with your Chromebook, you came to the right place. Even though it should be simple, it isn’t and there are a few steps you need to follow. Here it goes! Before beginning, you should know that you cannot connect the Chromebook to the printer through a USB cable and expect for it to work. You also have to consider that the Chrome OS won’t allow you to install any drivers and that the Chromebooks can’t find o...

8 High-Quality OER Collections

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8 High-Quality OER Collections Finding high-quality open educational resources used to be a challenge, but a number of curated OER collections have made the task much easier for educators. Here are eight sources that can help. 1. CK-12 Foundation CK-12 Foundation is a nonprofit organization that offers free, standards-aligned content in STEM subjects, including digital textbooks and simulations.  The content reportedly works across all platforms and devices, including iPads, Chromebooks...

Essentials of a Successful 1-1 Chromebook Program

The 4 essential elements of any successful one-to-one program Alexandra Ito shares how her district, Santa Ana Unified (SAUSD), increased access to students through a program called “Access for All,” a well-received iPad and Chromebook initiative. Through this experience, they developed a model for planning and implementation. Here’s how they got started. Establish your vision It is important that any plan to increase levels of access to technology to students does not move forward as a “tech...

Considering 1-to-1 Program For Your School?

Start with a 1-to-1 Essentials Program from Common Sense, an organization dedicated to helping kids, teachers and schools thrive in a world of media and technology. The 1-to-1 Essentials Program offers tools to define your schools goals, survey your community, and lay the groundwork to implement a 1-to-1 program in three easy to follow phases: Phase 1 - Envision Phase 2 - Communicate Phase 3 - Implement To get your school started in implementing a 1-to-1 program, follow this link:...

6 Tips for Managing the 1:1 Classroom

Allow students to become the experts, to collaborate, and to create authentic learning opportunities with technology. 1. DEVELOP EFFECTIVE DEVICE PROCEDURES--The more you can plan your strategies and procedures before the start of the year, the better off you will be. 2. EMPOWER STUDENTS BY HOLDING THEM ACCOUNTABLE--Whenever possible, allow students to make the device their own. 3. CREATE AN ONLINE HOME--Whether it’s a Google Site, Schoology, Google Classroom, or another platform, a...